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We are a consortium of ethical journalists, government employees, private industry employees, and grassroots organizations who care deeply about matters that impact Fulton County. Fulton Watch provides information, opinions written by community members only, news stories, features, events, and more!

Fulton watch depends on your tips for stories and relies on your insight to expose injustice. If you want to report corruption or injustice to Fulton Watch, we promise to keep your identity anonymous. Send us a tip here.

We know every story is important and promise to work hard on your tips.

You now have a voice in Fulton County and it’s called Fulton Watch.

Fulton Watch is under the operational control of multiple government watchdog groups and grassroots organizations. We do not solicit funding and will never be swayed by political or corporate interests.

Fulton Watch is your one-stop news source for the latest news and updates about all things Fulton County: Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs and more! Follow us now to get the news that matters to you.

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