Seamus Atlanta – Adam Mirza And Bent Frequency Present Forest In A City

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Tickets: $10/$5 students at the door

Join us for the SEAMUS Atlanta Conference (The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States)

Forest in a City is a sound installation and immersive performance using wooden speaker-objects and featuring live performances by members of Atlanta new music ensemble Bent Frequency. The event imagines a new urban soundscape, a heterogenous combination of works and audio artifacts by SEAMUS composers that reflect on the nature of ongoing development within cities like Atlanta (“the city in a forest”). The installation will appear as an indoor “forest” of 8 wooden panels used as speaker-objects spread around the performance space. These panels were made by local Atlanta luthier, DJ Betsill, using wood from an 800-year-old “Sinker Cyprus” log found preserved in a swamp on the Georgia coast. Similar to John Cage’s Musicircus, multiple pieces (acoustic and electronic), will be played simultaneously in the gallery space.  We are inspired by Giorgio Magnanensi’s current practice using wooden panels with transducers (, as well as David Tudor’s Rainforest IV and Janet Cardiff’s The Forty Part Motet. 

The event will take place at Eyedrum, one of Atlanta’s oldest experimental arts presenters, currently located in a former industrial/railroad building near downtown Atlanta.

Composers presented:

Iddo Aharony
Jeremy Castro Baguyos
Nicholas Cline
Kittie Cooper
Alex Christie
Garrison Gerard
David George Haskell
Holland Hopson
Daniel Karcher
Kerrith Livengood
Giorgio Magnanensi
Scott L. Miller
Adam Mirza
John Moeller
Daniel Smith

Jan Berry Baker, saxophone
Stuart Gerber, percussion

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