Roswell residents facing water rate hike due to aging infrastructure

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ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents of Roswell are bracing themselves for a significant increase in their city water bills, after decades of neglect that have left the city’s water infrastructure severely outdated. The decision comes after years of underbilling, resulting in $38.2 million in water trust debt and a backlog of critical projects.

Robert Glenn, Superintendent for Water Maintenance at the City of Roswell, highlighted the urgent need for investment in the city’s aging infrastructure, citing pipes that have been in the ground for over a century. “We need to start putting money back into our infrastructure that we already have in the ground,” Glenn emphasized.

This revision will lead to an increase in water and sewer rates for both residential and commercial consumers. The additional revenue generated will not only go toward infrastructure projects but will also be used to pay off the accumulated debt.

Residents can expect a nearly $30 increase in their monthly water bills, though some could see no change at all, while larger businesses will face even higher charges. Glenn emphasized the need for a fairer rate structure, ensuring that businesses that place greater demand on the system contribute proportionally more than residential users.

Despite some opposition from residents concerned about the impact on their finances, the ordinance passed unanimously at the city council meeting. Proponents argued that the rate increase was necessary to address the city’s infrastructure challenges and ensure reliable access to clean water for all residents.

The revised ordinance will also establish a permanent fund to finance ongoing improvements to the water infrastructure. The rate adjustments are scheduled to take effect on July 1.

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