Metro-Atanta Sheriff Keybo Taylor Implements Innovative Jailer Program to Increase Opportunities and Safety

'Lawman of The Year', Gwinnett County Sheriff Keybo Taylor Launches New Initiaitve

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Sheriff Keybo Taylor of Gwinnett County, Georgia, who was recently named Public Official of the Year by Urban News Now, has implemented a new program to promote jailers and improve public safety. In conjunction with the Gwinnett County Human Resources Department, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office has announced the establishment of a new career path for Jailers within the Jail Operations Division. This initiative, known as the “Jailer Officer Series,” will be implemented on October 14, 2023, with the goal of improving efficiency by clarifying roles and responsibilities between Deputy Sheriffs and Jailers.


(Gwinnett County, Ga., August 17, 2023) – Gwinnett County Sheriff Keybo Taylor, in collaboration with the Gwinnett County Human Resources Department announce the creation of a new career path for Jailers assigned to the Jail Operations Division. This new initiative, entitled “Jailer Officer Series,” will go into effect on October 14, 2023, and aims to streamline duties and separate responsibilities between Deputy Sheriffs, allowing the Jail Operations Division to operate more efficiently.

The Gwinnett County Jail is one of the largest Direct Supervision facilities in the Metro-Atlanta area. We have seen an increase in the overall inmate population, specifically those receiving mental health services. The creation of the Jailer Officer Series will allow the Jail Operations Division to focus on De-escalation Training, and the principles of Direct Supervision, while addressing the needs of our rapidly growing Mental Health and General Population. It will provide Deputy Sheriffs the ability to focus on the remaining divisions such as Court Operations, Support Operations, Field Operations, and Administration to improve response times and services for the citizens of Gwinnett.

This new initiative helped to establish advancement opportunities and enhance professional development within the agency. All Jailers will now have a career path for succession, with new positions ranging from entry-level Jailer Officer to Jailer Officer Lieutenant, including growth opportunities in Jail Supervision and Management. All Jailers will be required to meet GA POST requirements and adhere to the hiring guidelines and standards set by Gwinnett County and the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Taylor states, ” This is a culmination of months of research; financial management planning; developing and implementation of new policies and procedures, that would improve efficiency throughout our agency. Our employees are the cornerstone of the Sheriff’s Office and I’m fully committed to providing a progressive and efficient work environment.”

Intro Written By Elise Wright

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